This Is How To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips

Almost everyone has felt the problem of chapped lips. Besides disturbing appearance, this condition also makes the lips feel sore, uncomfortable, and may even bleed. Overcome chapped lips in the way below. Most people think that chapped lips only appear during the summer or the dry season. In fact, chapped lips can also be experienced during the rainy season. Causes and Symptoms of Chapped Lips Lips have a unique condition compared to other skin parts. This section is not equipped with oil glands to maintain moisture. Therefore, exposure to sunlight or low humidity can make the lips dry. In addition, certain medical conditions such as malnutrition, irritation, and side effects of medications can also cause chapped lips. These conditions can get worse if we do not take good care of the lips. Some of the symptoms of chapped lips that can be experienced are dry lips even peeling, scales appear on the lips, there are sores, swelling, and if it is severe, will bleed. How to Overcome
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